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A Solution for Procurement
(Streamline On Boarding)

Conduct checks on
new suppliers

  • Collect complete set of KYC document and verify credentials
  • Conduct discrete background assessment before supplier selection and onboarding process within 24 hours
  • Helping you minimise exposure to surprises & threats to avoid problems associated with supplier failure

Monitor your
supply chain

  • Keeping track of existing suppliers to continuously monitor entity’s behavior & Current Market Position
  • Monitor existing supplier and receive risk-based alerts of important changes
  • Portfolio can be collaboratively managed and synchronized continuously, so you can track suppliers in one place

Prevent supply
chain disruption

  • Quickly identify and get in touch with new potential suppliers
  • Quickly evaluate supplier, conduct background due diligence, create backup so you know who to contact in the event of existing supplier failure
  • Get compliance requirement met from suppliers through annual reach out and KYC refresher to maintain proper information decorum

A Solution for Compliance & Legal
(Minimizing Risk)

Understand the business and ownership

  • Fact-based insight’s which include company & promoters background
  • Access credit ratings, indemnity capacity and view recent/historical statutory filings
  • Sharing detailed information on capital deployed, tenure spent on every entity, and that directors are who they say they are

Explore relationships

  • Related party transaction, False representation companies that are not officially linked but may represent the same economic interest
  • Displays the investments a company holds in other businesses along with stake holder structure
  • Mitigate threats associated with Politically Exposed Person, Money Launderers, Terrorist Funding Red flagged by NIA, FIU, RBI, SEBI, MCA, CIBIL & 600+ data sources

Achieve International Compliance Standards

  • Adopting data standards as per ISO, COSO & COBIT structure for complete enterprise risk coverage
  • Complete governance & control across a global portfolio of business partners meeting your compliance standards
  • Minimize compliance risk from local & global suppliers

A Solution for Risk Management
(Risk Management)

Automate onboarding

  • Collecting KYC & Verifying documents with Complete background checks on customers during sign-up, reducing friction during onboarding and improving assessment efficiency
  • Filter red flags before initiating business partner relationship

Manage and Monitor Risk

  • Monitor companies and people that can be followed for relevant threats & updates
  • Mitigate potential risk by focusing on Important changes, news and updates for any companies
  • Customizable quarterly or annual alerts to get recent changes to companies that are of interest

Cover Enterprise Risk

  • Supports & covers aspects for vendor management and mitigate enterprise risk for business partner due diligence in lines with COSO & COBIT Framework
  • Improve governance through placing standard policies covering loop holes leading to frauds
  • Maintain a steady level of compliance by exercising control filtering enterprise threats and accomplishing compliance objectives

A Solution for Finance & Accounting

Going Beyond KYC/ Uncovering Hidden Risk

  • Conduct discrete background assessment before customer onboarding process with financial and stakeholder background diligence within 24 hours
  • Understanding hidden defaults like, financial default, bank charges, Existing Litigation, Reported CIBIL & Credit defaults, Existing Stakeholders & Related Party Transaction, Non-Compliance in Statutory Filing
  • Helping you minimise customer exposure via discrete site visit with pictures to support any future investigation/litigation and avoid problems associated with customer entity

Prevent Customer Default

  • Quickly identify red flags and get in touch with customer entity to get quick resolution
  • Minimise default through ongoing monitoring of entity and its financial position to avoid future discrepancies
  • Conduct KYC & background due diligence, create information backup along with site visit pictures, to avoid future surprises from business partners

Monitor your Customer

  • Keeping track of existing customer to continuously monitor entity’s behavior & business position so you are aware of issues as they arise with no surprises
  • Monitor existing customer & business partner and receive risk-based alerts of important changes
  • Tap all changes with updated KYC, Site visit to sustain assurance of available information with proofs