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Any tool can query data and get a result, but then what? GRC integrates workflow. Interact with any stakeholder to review and remediate flagged records.

Audit Management

Internal Audit

Supercharge your audit coverage with collaborative technology

Are you trapped in a time suck between spreadsheets, manual process and outdated technology?

Compliance Management

Internal Audit, Compliance & Legal, Accounting & Finance, IT

Your reputation shouldn't be managed in a spreadsheet

Are you tasked with safeguarding IT, finance or your entire organization?

Operational Risk Management

Risk Management, Accounting & Finance, IT

How ready are you to roll the dice?

Most major global economic meltdowns of the past few decades were caused by oprational risk failures

Fraud Management

Internal Audit, Compliance & Legal, Accounting & Finance, IT

Fraud, waste and abuse are invisible

Apply technology to X-ray your organization and illuminate fraud risk

Risk & Control Management

Internal Audit, Compliance & Legal, Accounting & Finance, Business Operations, IT

The next best thing to a crystal ball for your organization

Identifying red flags only matters if you do somthing about them

Enterprise Risk Management

Risk Management, Internal Audit

Get better risk ROI. Value protection. Value creation

Infuse your risk management with performance-enhancing science

Audit Teams

Audit Teams

Audit Analytics
Workpapers Management
Risk-based Auditing
Public Sector Auditing

Compliance & Legal Teams

Compliance & Legal Teams

Policy Compliance & Attestation
AML Compliance
FCPA Compliance
Regulatory Compliance

Risk Management Teams

Risk Management Teams

Conduct Risk
Operational Risk Analysis
Operational Banking Risk
Operational Healthcare Risk
Operational Insurance Risk
Operational Government Risk

IT Teams

IT Teams

Unified IT Compliance
IT Governance
IT Audit Readiness
Segregation of Duties
Logical Access Monitoring
3rd Party InfoSec
IT Vendor Oversight

Accounting & Finance Teams

Accounting & Finance Teams

SOX Management
OMB A-123
VAT(Sales) Tax Compliance
T&E Compliance
Financial Control Monitoring
Supply Chain Oversight
Entitlement Oversight